“Time” can NEVER be Replaced, nor Reversed.
What if we could “Look” Younger?
Everyone may want to know How that could be?
What if we could have Increased Energy to play sports with our children?
Parents would enjoy priceless experiences that may never before, have been an option.
What if Men and Women could increase their Sex Drive and Sexual Energy,
to levels they had not felt for decades?

Over the past 10 years, many have heard of Growth Hormone, or “GH” as it may be referred to.
It is:

  • A Natural substance released from the Pituitary Gland,
  • The Pituitary Gland is a Pea Sized Gland located behind the nose, is an extension from Brain, and Protected within a bony area.
  • A Hormone which is made up of 129 Amino Acids
  • Primarily released as we sleep.
  • Often referred to as the "Hormone Of Aging"
  • Growth hormone from birth is involved in many of the body’s Internal Function and External Appearance
  • GH Levels:

    1) PEAK during the Teenage Years,
    2) Are made in larger amounts as we age,
    3) BEGINNING in our Late Twenties, Steadily DECLINE for the rest of our lives.

  • Functions of Growth Hormone include;

    1) Increase Libido in both Women and Men
    2) Increase Focus and Memory
    3) Increase Energy
    4) Boosts Immune System
    5) Lowers Anxiety
    6) Improves Sleep
    7) Lessens Wrinkles
    8) Improves Wound Healing

  • Increases Muscle Mass

    As GH Levels DECLINE:

    1) We may “Appear” older, Sleep less, and have Lower Libido.
    2) We requires more time to Physically complete tasks
    3) Not have the Energy to complete a a similar task we could breeze through at a younger age
    4) Looking into a mirror, we may “see” more Wrinkles, and a Loss of skin Elasticity.

Hormones may be thought of as a “Force Field”,
which protect our body from the day to day Stress of Life.
Now make the connection as we explain a SYNTHETIC Growth Hormone or “GH”;
(When “GH” is written from now on,
it refers to “SYNTHETIC” GH, UNLESS otherwise indicated)

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