Saliva Testing

Stress is a part of all of our lives and affects our bodies in many ways.
All human beings usually have two Adrenal Glands located on top of each Kidney
which produce Cortisol, known as the “Hormone of Stress”.
While Cortisol is the hormone most associated with Stress,
the “measure” of Cortisol is quite different.
Most commonly, Cortisol has been measured as a Blood Test drawn at 8am.
The rational for this is 8am is the time Cortisol peaks in the morning.
Our bodies are finely tuned so that Cortisol levels rise,
BEFORE we open our eyes in the morning.
Cortisol reaches it’s HIGHEST level during the morning hours,
and DECREASES throughout the remainder of a day to reach a low during the late evening hours.
It should be at the LOWEST level between 9-12 midnight, which coincides with a time to sleep.
Levels can vary during the day, and also if the person is a Night Shift worker.
How to Measure Cortisol:

To evaluate Cortisol accurately for these changes during the day,
the ONLY accurate method is an “Adrenal Stress Test, or Saliva Test”.
While Saliva testing has been around since the 1970’s,
it is not commonly measured in this way by most physicians.
To perform this type of measurement, it is necessary to obtain a special test kit known as a
“Saliva Testing Kit”.
It contains detailed instructions, only performed by specific laboratories,
and although not commonly an expensive test, it is usually not covered by insurance.
Inside the kit is usually 4 small clear vials,
which should have a clearly marked line toward the top of each vial.
There may be labels to designate specific times to obtain each tube.
The goal is to measure Saliva DURING a SINGLE 24 hour PERIOD, (NOT over several different days.)
The times are usually 6-8am, 11-12 noon, 4-6pm, and 10-12pm.

Method/Procedure to Follow
During the times, the designated tube is uncovered and over several minutes, saliva is placed from
the mouth into the tube, until it FILLS TO THE DESIGNATED MARK.
Returning the tube to the kit, the instructions may clearly state to place in a refrigerator, OR freezer,
depending on the Company whose test kit you have.
After finishing ALL 4 tubes WITHIN the SAME DAY, so the Kit may be mailed OVERNIGHT
on the following day.
Each kit is mailed to the designated laboratory with results ready within a 14 day period.
What will be received shall be the curve below, which has a
Range” which NORMAL VALUES of Cortisol
should be found during a typical day.
Abnormal results may be followed up at 6-9 month intervals.


As each person varies in “How” they handle Stress, as well as the TIME of the day it is experienced,
the curve will reflect these changes.
For example; A common imbalance of Cortisol is seen if someone has gone to sleep, and suddenly awakens
approximately every one and one half hours through a night.
When awakening, their thoughts are often racing, and they find it difficult to go back to sleep.
Visiting a physician, for the above lack of sleep, often results in a prescription for a Sleeping pill or tranquilizer.
When a Saliva Test reflects this Sleep Abnormality, a Supplement may be recommended
which naturally brings the evening peaks back into alignment and a full restful night of sleep may result.
Should someone have little to no energy in the morning hours, there are supplements which may be recommended
which can RAISE the morning Cortisol value, very much like a cup of coffee may be used for.
Should the afternoon be a time of low energy, there is a supplement which may naturally raise that
energy as well to balance the day accordingly.

There are numerous variables to these results, and each must be explained in a consultation
with a Qualified and Experienced professional well versed in the reading of these values.
Results can significantly improve the Quality of Life when interpreted properly, and suggestions followed.
This is a very rewarding process for the healthcare professional as well.
Many times people of all ages come in thinking there is no hope to change “How” they feel, when the reality may lead them to learning “Why” they felt the way they did.
Often a person may have epiphanies that a solution is available when they were often finding no answers to.
BOTH Adults and Children of ALL ages can benefit from having their Saliva Test done.

The healthcare professionals at GHT Institute are extremely familiar with the Saliva Test,
and may have answers which most have sought for a very long time.
Imagine a one day test which offers results that are Understandable,
AND within a reasonable time frame to make changes to dramatically improve a lifestyle.

  • Arrange to get a Saliva Kit,
  • Schedule a consultation for an Explain of the results that could create an option you never thought possible!!!