Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine,The type of medicine most of us grew up with is "Symptom" based. It focuses on Acute or Traumatic care. It is the best in the world for short term care. We routinely hear about procedures and techniques which result in dramatic saving of critical patients. Functional Medicine, is PATIENT CENTERED. Each physician who is specially trained in this field becomes a "partner" in the care and well being of every person. Based on the longstanding principles of Science and Physiology, this field separates the body into systems. Each system is thoroughly looked at for Imbalances, and Deficiencies and restores them to their original state. Long standing illnesses, and Chronic Medical conditions have seen significant, and occasionally profound results from this organized, and methodical approach. Visits are routinely ONE hour and a half, and may go up to THREE (3) hours. Details from' "Have you ever lived near chemicals or been exposed to pesticides? to How many antibiotics were you on as a child for an ear infection?", can have significant effects on Brain and Gastrointestinal Function respectively. Each and every part since birth, contribute to a functional history. It is not unusual for patients to have been to DOZENS of Specialists, with endless testing before being seen by our Functional Specialists here at GHT Institute. Our patients will be heard routinely saying;

"I understand EVERYTHING the doctor explained to me, I am MOTIVATED to follow all of the recommendations, I am EXCITED to get started."
Have your Greatest Wealth; Your Own Health, restored by a Compassionate Functional Medicine Physician at GHT Institute. DO NOT DELAY!!!! Call NOW for the earliest available appointment!!!

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