10-Day Detox

If any of our readers have lived in, or visited South Florida, at any time of your life,you are well aware of the need for Air Conditioning throughout most of the year.
The most important responsibility of an Air Condition unit is to change the filter AT LEAST ever 1-2 months.Should this snot be done, the air produced becomes hotter, the cost and effort to cool is greater,and the unit will be strained to the point it will eventually break down.
IN our bodies, the “Filters” are the Liver, Kidney, Lungs, and Skin.If each of us does not routinely “Cleanse/Change” our filters, they will become clogged, and the functioning of our bodies becomes Slowed, Strained, and eventually will break down.
Poor Memory, Low Energy, and Foggy Thinking are but a few of the effects of not keeping the filters of our bodies Cleansed and Maintained.
At GHT Institute, we offer a cost effective 10 Day Detoxification Program. It is simple to follow, and easy to integrate into the busiest of schedules. People with a routine Chemical or Pesticide exposures such as: Fire Fighters, Landscapers, Airline Employees, or frequent travelers are some of the many “High Risk” exposures.
At GHT Institute, we recommend a more frequent detox program than the general public. Within a short time, the results are dramatic after a single 10 day course. It will remove YEARS of Toxins from not maintaining this crucial system, and restore basic levels of your bodies natural metabolism.
Protect your Greatest Wealth; YOUR HEALTH.Call IMMEDIATELY to GHT Institute to start your own journey back to an Energetic quality lifestyle you have been looking for.